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Posts weergeven met het label love. Alle posts weergeven

maandag 17 februari 2014

DIY 'nail art'

Bonjour ma Cheries,

Today's post will be a DIY which I'm quite excited about! It was really fun and simple to do and only took one hour at most. It actually looks really cute on a shelve as a decoration or you can even give it to someone as a gift! 

I'd love to see it if you've recreated this DIY so send me a picture of it on my Instagram or twitter @atouchofrosa

Lots of Love,

So the things you will need are:

- a piece of wood in the shape you like (I chose simple square)
- a hammer
- wool yarn in any colour you like

Start with cutting the shape you want to make out of paper so you have a stencil.
Then place it onto the wood. The best thing to do is to tape the stencil to the wood so it won't move.

Then start hitting the nails into the wood with your hammer. Place the nails about two centimeters apart from each other. And once you're done remove the stencil.

Tie the end of your yarn to one of the nails. I chose the bottom one because that's the best to start with.
Then go around all the nials randomly with your yarn until you have done all of them. Keep on tying the yarn to the nails but make sure you eventually follow the line of your shape.
Then keep on doing that until you have something around three layers of yarn between every two nails.

So if you've chosen a heart shape like me it should look something like this!

zondag 9 februari 2014


Bonjour ma Cheries,

I bought some really nice jewelry last week and I wanted to share it with you. I´ts all from SIX. Everything is from the sale section where they were selling for 1 or 2 euros each and it was also ´buy 2 get one free´. So I couln´t stop myself from buying... For all together I think I spent 20 euros!

Are you a sale shopper?

Lots of love,

zondag 19 januari 2014


Bonjour ma Cheries,

Today I have another outfit of the week for you!

Monday: I wore a black blazer and jeans from H&M, a black top with chinese flower print from Primark and black boots from H&M aswell.
Tuesday: this day I wore my 'Vogue' shirt wich I got with the magazine, a fluffy grey cardigan from H&M, a pair of black flats from Primark and a vintage daisy pair of trousers. 
Wednesday: I wore a plain black long-sleeve from Hema, a burgondy jacket from H&M, my burgondy Dr. Martin look-a-likes from H&M and a pair of jeans from Vero Moda.
Thursday: this day I wore a forest green sweater and a burgondy shirt both from New Yorker, a black skirt from Primark, a pair of black tights and my black boots from H&M.
Friday: I wore a baby pink peplum-ish top with black leather collar from Forever21, a black cardigan from Pimkie, my jeans from Vero Moda and a pair of black floral sneakers from Office.

I hope you all had a lovely week! 
Lots of Love,

donderdag 12 september 2013

Camping in Toscane, Italy

Bonjour ma Cheries,

Today's post is the last one of three about my holiday and it's about my camping trip to Toscane, Italy. I was invited to go there with my niece and her parents. We stayed in a Caravan (with AC luckly) and it was really hot, alteast 35 degrees celsius! We made daytrips to Sienna, Vinci and Florence. We had pizza and pasta ofcourse. The other days we spent at the pools, yes pools, there were two. At night my niece, Hannah, and I went to the 'disco' and we met some lovely british and irish people. They were all so nice and we had the best time ever. It was just really fun!

xoxo Rosa


dinsdag 16 juli 2013

Favorite Blogger of the month

Bonjour ma Cheries,

So I came up with the idea to do a 'Favorite Blogger of the month' post. I am planning on doing this every month.

My favorite blogger of July is What I Heart Today by Lily Pebbles. She has the lovelyest blog ever!
She knows so much about make-up and she also makes youtube videos. She is a big inspiration for me.
 and she has a lot of nailpolish like me. I totally reccomend checking out her blog (If you don't follow her already). It's is also definately worth to check out her youtube page to, this is the link .


dinsdag 9 juli 2013

DIY Bracelets

Bonjour ma Cheries!

Yesterday I went shopping and I went into a Creative-ish store. There was lots of stuff like DVD's, CD's, books ect. There was also a section where they had a lot of beads. I couldn't resist them they were all so cute! Sooo I bought some ofcourse, and that's why I am doing a DIY on bracelets. I will also do one on necklaces but I hadn't had time for that. So these are the tree bracelets I made. The 'How to' will be under every single bracelet!

No. 1 Silver Cross Bracelet
- Tiny White beads
- a silver cross
- a needle
- white wire/rope
- a closure and ringlet 

Take about 18cm of white wire and attach it to the little ringlet. Then put the wire through the needle's eye. Now slide half of the white beads onto the needle and onto the wire. When you're halfway put the silver cross on. Then slide on the other half of the beads. Now tie the closure onto the wire. And there you have you're Silver Cross Bracelet! :)

     No. 2 Pirate Skull Bracelet
- Skull Beads (I prefered cream but you can take any color)
- a closure and ringlet
- brown or black wire/rope

First tie the ringlet onto the rope. Now slide on the first skull bead. Then tie three knots and slide on the second skull bead. Again tie three knots and so on. When you have enough beads and knots to fit around your wrist tie the closure onto the rope and there you have your Pirate Skull Bracelet!

       No. 3 Blue Cross Bracelet 
- white wire/rope
- a needle 
- a closure and ringlet
- a silver cross
- little blue beads

First tie the ringlet onto the wire. Then put the wire through the needle's eye and slide the blue beads onto it.
When you're halfway slide on the silver cross and the other half of the blue beads. Finally tie the closure onto the wire and That is you're Blue Cross bracelet!

I hope you liked this DIY! If you have any other DIY suggestions feel free to comment them below. I will do a Necklace one soon. If you have any improvements about my posts please comment too. I'd like to know kow you feel about them and how I can make them better :) 


zondag 7 juli 2013


Bonjour ma Cheries,

So today I thought I'd share with you my wishlist! I have seen these items flowing by a couple of times and I really love them! So I will tell something about them in order from left to right and top to bottom.

  • The first item is a Neon pink skater skirt from Nasty Gal. I really love skater skirts and I love pink too!
  • The second item is a tanktop with palms on it  also from Nasty Gal. Well I love palms. They give me the ultimate summer feeling.
  • The third item is a backpack from Brandy Melville. I have a backpack but that's really lame and massive so I really want a new one and this one is just perfect I think!
  • The fourth item is a see-through clutch. I loooveee see-through clutches! And maybe I will do a DIY on it soon! 
  • The fifth item is a Maxi-Dress from Forever21 and really like it but I'm not really sure if I could pull it of knowing that I'm not the tallest person ever. 
  • The sixth item is Midi rings! I really like midi rings especially golden ones. I've tried to DIY them but that did't exactly succeded. But maybe I'll try it again sometime. 
  • The seventh item is an Iphone case from H&M. I like the print on this one but I'm still not sure about it. I really want a new case though! 
  • The eight item is a hat. I really love hats altough I never really wear them because I don't feel like they suit me but I want to wear them more. 
  • The last item is my favorite, a Neon yellow Cambridge Satchel. I saw this one at Primark last weekend and I just fell in love with it. I didn't buy it and now I regret it. I really need a new bag for school and I thought this would be the perfect one. Hopefully I will run into it soon! 

So that was my wishlist! I hope you liked this post and I will see you very soon! :)


zaterdag 6 juli 2013

Great Escape

Bonjour ma Cheries,

I'm on holiday in France right now and I am aslaved to this song called: Great Escape from Mike Dignam. It's really summery and I really Love it. This is the youtube link, I recommend listening to it! I hope you love it as much as I do. I also made a collage on that I called like the song. I think it is really cute and I am very happy with it. I have already started with making lots of other collages that I will post later on :)



Bonjour ma Cheries,

I am Rosa and I am 16 years old. I have decided to start my own blog. I also have a blog together with a friend of mine. I really love fashion, making collages and music. I also make youtube videos wich I really enjoy doing :).  I am a fan of One Direction. My favorite youtuber/blogger is Zoe Sugg aka Zoella. Well that was actually everything I could think of on this moment. I am going to post atleast twice a week. If you have any questions just ask away!


This is me :p