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zondag 9 februari 2014


Bonjour ma Cheries,

I have been shopping online last week and I ordered some new footwear! I'm really excited about it because it's quite different from what I usually wear. And it was on sale so that was a nice bonus. I'll just show you what I bough rather than talk about it for much longer.

Both of the shoes are from ASOS, and they were in the sale for around 45 euros. 
The socks are all from TOPSHOP and they were 3 for 10 euros.
The tights are from Primark.

Lots of Love,

zondag 7 juli 2013


Bonjour ma Cheries,

So today I thought I'd share with you my wishlist! I have seen these items flowing by a couple of times and I really love them! So I will tell something about them in order from left to right and top to bottom.

  • The first item is a Neon pink skater skirt from Nasty Gal. I really love skater skirts and I love pink too!
  • The second item is a tanktop with palms on it  also from Nasty Gal. Well I love palms. They give me the ultimate summer feeling.
  • The third item is a backpack from Brandy Melville. I have a backpack but that's really lame and massive so I really want a new one and this one is just perfect I think!
  • The fourth item is a see-through clutch. I loooveee see-through clutches! And maybe I will do a DIY on it soon! 
  • The fifth item is a Maxi-Dress from Forever21 and really like it but I'm not really sure if I could pull it of knowing that I'm not the tallest person ever. 
  • The sixth item is Midi rings! I really like midi rings especially golden ones. I've tried to DIY them but that did't exactly succeded. But maybe I'll try it again sometime. 
  • The seventh item is an Iphone case from H&M. I like the print on this one but I'm still not sure about it. I really want a new case though! 
  • The eight item is a hat. I really love hats altough I never really wear them because I don't feel like they suit me but I want to wear them more. 
  • The last item is my favorite, a Neon yellow Cambridge Satchel. I saw this one at Primark last weekend and I just fell in love with it. I didn't buy it and now I regret it. I really need a new bag for school and I thought this would be the perfect one. Hopefully I will run into it soon! 

So that was my wishlist! I hope you liked this post and I will see you very soon! :)