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Posts weergeven met het label tumblr. Alle posts weergeven

dinsdag 19 november 2013

The Happy List

Bonjour ma Cheries,

Today's post is going to be my Happy List! I've made a list about things that make me happy.

Hot chocolate - soft blankets - good books - nice people - sleeping late - snow - seeing my friends at school - big shopping sessions - baking cookies or cupcakes - travelling to amazing locations - decorating for christmas - going out for a cup of coffee with friends - making new friends - watching youtube videos - eating chocolate - knowing that 'Sinterklaas' and Christmas are coming - wearing warm sweaters - doing my make-up - designing clothes - accomplish something big - writing and reading blogs -  drinking hazelnut cappuchino - or cappuchino in general - polishing my nails - wearing my primark super soft pyjama pants - scrolling trough tumblr - eating pizza pepperoni - buying jewelry - going to primark - snowboarding - doing yoga - spending quality time with my family - hanging out with friends - listening to my favorite music - burning scented candles - watch movies - eat Ben & Jerry's - getting more followers - when someone gives a compliment - driving lessons - skiing - watching bridget jones - tumblr - losing some pounds - sunshine - people who smile at me - winning a hockey game.

Lots of Love,