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vrijdag 22 november 2013

Sweater Weather TAG

Bonjour ma Cheries,

It's not officially winter yet so still appropriate to do this tag. I saw DisforDazzle's doing this tag in her video today and I really liked it so here it is!

1. What is your favorite scented candle?
I really love vanilla scented candles and I don't really mind from wich shop or brand!

2. Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?
I love all three but if I really need to choose I think I'd pick tea, just because I've been drinking tea non-stop the last few months. I like marrocan mint tea and fresh mint tea but also vinalla and cinnamon tea.

3. What's your best autumn memory?
I don't really have a lot of autumn memories because I used to not like autumn, but I remember that when I was around the age of 5 or something, we made little spiders of chestnuts.

4. Winged eyeliner or dark lips?
This is a hard one! I love wearing both looks, especially combined. But I think I'd have to go with eyeliner because I wear that more often.

5. What's your favorite autumn perfume?
I don't really have an autumn perfume, I wear mine all year around. But one I have been enjoying recently is 'Our Moment' by One Direction. It's sweet but not too heavy and I quite like it.

6. What's your favorite sweater?
I really love my cream sweater that I bought at Pimkie last year in France!

7. What's your must have nailpolish this season?
I like burgondy and black nailpolishes in autumn but I don't really have a favorite.

8. Skinny jeans or leggings?
Definately skinny yeans, but high-waisted ones. I don't like low jeans. I'm not really a legging person and I only have one for my yoga classes but that's it. I just wear jeans :)

9. Favorite autumn shoes?
I bought a pair of black ankleboots at Primark a while ago and they're amazing. They go with everything and they're really comfortable as well.

10.Wich song gives you the ultimate autumn feeling?
Probably 'Stop this train' by John Mayer, but since I saw Diana's video on this tag I've been listening to Banana Pancakes non stop as well!

So I hope you liked my post, and what's your favorite autumn song?
Please tag me in your post if you do this too, I'd like to read what your answers are!

Lots of Love,

dinsdag 19 november 2013

The Happy List

Bonjour ma Cheries,

Today's post is going to be my Happy List! I've made a list about things that make me happy.

Hot chocolate - soft blankets - good books - nice people - sleeping late - snow - seeing my friends at school - big shopping sessions - baking cookies or cupcakes - travelling to amazing locations - decorating for christmas - going out for a cup of coffee with friends - making new friends - watching youtube videos - eating chocolate - knowing that 'Sinterklaas' and Christmas are coming - wearing warm sweaters - doing my make-up - designing clothes - accomplish something big - writing and reading blogs -  drinking hazelnut cappuchino - or cappuchino in general - polishing my nails - wearing my primark super soft pyjama pants - scrolling trough tumblr - eating pizza pepperoni - buying jewelry - going to primark - snowboarding - doing yoga - spending quality time with my family - hanging out with friends - listening to my favorite music - burning scented candles - watch movies - eat Ben & Jerry's - getting more followers - when someone gives a compliment - driving lessons - skiing - watching bridget jones - tumblr - losing some pounds - sunshine - people who smile at me - winning a hockey game.

Lots of Love,

vrijdag 23 augustus 2013

Autumn/Winter 2013 Trends

Hi guys, I'm so sorry I didn't post anything the last few weeks! I should have but I was extremely buizzy and I was on holiday. I will post something about that too soon! Sooo as most of you probably already noticed the autumn and winter collections are in the stores! Wich makes me very excited. I loveeee finding out about all the new trends and collections. That's why I made you a list with the trends I really like his autumn. Let's starts:

We already knew this trend but it's also coming back this upcoming season. I really like it. It's really cozy and warm. I like it if I can drown in a nice and big sweater.


Plaid Shirts
Yes think of Scottish plaidprints.They have to be oversized though. I like to wear them with the front tugged into my jeans and a pair of allstars. Just to give you a comfy tomboyish look.


I like this trend because it's simple. Think of black, white and grey simple items. It may sound boring but I think it could be really chic and also comfy. Combine black, white and grey plain shirts and a pair of black jeans with some boots or allstars or even heels.

Okay so those tree are the tree main trends I will be enjoying this season.

Lots of Love, Rosa