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woensdag 5 maart 2014

Two sides of me

Bonjour ma Cheries,

Let's talk about style. I have quite a problem when it comes to describing my style. One day I will feel edgy and tough and I will dress like a rocker with loads of leather, tartan and big wide (band) shirts. The next day I will feel really girly and bright and I will dress like a girly girl with loads of pastels, flowers and lace inspired by the 60's.  But there are also days when I mix those two styles and create something what probably looks like a granny dress with biker boots and some tartan. It really depends on how I'm feeling and what I have planned for that day.
I kind of admire people who really know what their style is. They know what looks good on them and still try new things but always look good. But when some one asks me 'What is you style?' I'll probably aswer with something like 'Depends on my feelings' or 'Depends on the day' and that's it. I just find it really hard to make a choise of what fits me best. Maybe both of those styles do, I don't really know, but for now I will just swing from 'Rocker' to 'Flower girl' and I kind of like it. 

What is your style?

Lots of Love, Rosa 
(collages made with Polyvore see my profile: )

The Rocker version of me.

The flower girl version of me.

dinsdag 3 december 2013

MAFB Fashionshow

Bonjour ma Cheries,

As you may know I competed in a fashion designing competition last week and..... *drum rolls* I CAME IN SECOND PLACE!! out of 17 super talented designers. I am so honoured and surprised. It's quite a big deal for me. My prize is that I get to show some items at hollands biggest fashion fairs. Which is so cool!
The show was organized by a company called MAFB which means Music and Fashion Battle. They did a great job and the show was amazing!

This is the overall result and I'm really proud of it! I made and sewed everything myself and I've never had any help in how to sew and stuff so I pretty much taught myself to do it. 

We were one of the first to arrive at the venue so we had the entire space to our selves to get the stuff together and ready.

I asked Wies to do the make-up and she did a fabulous job. The models looked stunning! 
She also has a blog so if you would like to check that out click here 

I chose for a braid all around the head wich me and my sister (the model under here) did.
I thought it would look very lovely and girly, which it sertainly did. I'm still very happy with the results!
The other models were all friends of mine and not from model agency's or something like that.
I think they did a great job and I'm very thankfull that they showed my desings in such a lovely way. 

and.... she also did my make-up! 

It was quite a mess backstage due tothe 17 designers and all of their models (max. 6 per designer) and their hair and make-up teams.
 (and these pictures were made at the beginning of the day, imagine what it looked like at the end...)

This is what the venue looked like. The show was held in the 'Centrum voor Beeldende Kunsten' in Amsterdam. I think it looked quite professional! (which the show was though) 
I think something between 100 and 200 people fit in there, and the place was packed!

Well that was about it that I have for you today, more photos will follow as soon as possible!
I really enjoyed myself that day, and I still can't really believe I won... 
(most of the pictures are made by Wies)

Have you ever been to a fashionshow? 

Lots of Love,

woensdag 6 november 2013

Fashion Design Competition MAFB

Bonjour ma Cheries,

I have something very exciting to tell. Some of you may already know it but I'm going to tell it anyway. This 'Big' thing has by the way also been the reason why I haven't posted anything for a while.

I have been selected to compeat in a fashion design competition with 17 other designers. I'm the youngest one and I have the least experience wich makes me a bit nervous but I am also really, really, excited!
We have to design and make four catwalk outfits. I've decided to go with a lot of pastel colours, flowers and some Barbie dolls. I'm not going to tell nor show you what it will look like because I want to keep it a surprise and I also haven't finished yet. I have chosen four friends who will be my models and they are going to show it on the 24th of November.

A few weeks ago, We (all the designers) were invited to follow a masterclass, where loads of interesting people told a lot of very usefull information. That was also the day we got to meet all of our 'rivals'. Every single one of them has soo much talent! And all of them are already studing at designing academics or art schools and stuff like that. And then there is me. The sixteen year old girl from the tiniest village ever who is still in High school and tought herself how to sew. I think this competition is going to be very interesting! haha. But this doesn't stop me to try as hard as I possibly can to reach the level of the others.

I'm working very hard every day to be finished by the 24th of Novermber, wich is already a challenge itself. But anyway hopefully I will reach my goals and end not as last.

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea where I'm talking about and here is the link to an interview (wich is in dutch, but you can translate it ;) )

xoxo Rosa

Little sneak-peak of the two tops I'm working on!

These are the fabrics I'm using
The designers, i'm on the right ;)